About us



Our expert approach and the best in class foundation puts us in front of our opposition in this field.

Rohtak Telecom is a professionally overseen association required in the field of OSP works for Optic Fiber Laying and appointing with trenchless development. Advanced by knowledgeable and experienced Engineers who have worked in this field universally the organization's central goal is "PROVIDING BEST SERVICES IN ALL OVER INDIA".

Rohtak Telecom has as of now shockingly Hundreds of Kilometers of Trenchless laying of Pipes by HDD strategy in the field of Optic Fiber pipe laying. Also, have officially blown a great many KM's of Optic Fiber, and grafted them and effectively given more than a few courses in the wake of leading end to end testing.


Our central goal is to wind up plainly a pioneer in Telecom Infrastructure and Services by offering our customers items and administrations created in a state of harmony with innovation patterns, utilizing best framework and in consistence with most astounding norms.


Rohtak Telecom plans to set a benchmark in the Telecom Industry by giving items and administrations that empower customers to use the correct foundation with a specific end goal to control costs and adapt new administrations while making information a need.